How to take care of your skin at night?

Nighttime is the perfect time for nourishing and regenerating skin. At night the regenerative processes are more intense, therefore the skin absorbs more effectively the active ingredients of creams. What cosmetics should be applied at night?

Make-up remover. Make-up removal is the basis for further care. The face should flush with the fluid make-up remover or milk, with particular attention to around eyes and then get rid of the residual impurities, using with washing cosmetics adapted to our skin. Leaving makeup on overnight can result in the appearance of efflorescence and ashen complexion.
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Eye cream is a obligatory cosmetic, regardless of age. Remember not to overdo the amount of - put a thin layer. The cream will make the morning the skin around the eyes will look luminous and fresh.
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Night cream. During the day is better to use creams with a light texture, but at night it is advisable applying oily skin moisturizer. Deeply moisturizing, thick creams are useful especially in the care of dry skin prone to irritation. Keep in mind that this type of creams do not have to put on the entire face. Devide face on the zone corresponding to the specific issues with which you struggle. Apply the cream where the skin is flaking and over-dry.
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Butter and oils will help to regenerate the skin. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer and emollient, and avocado oil protects against moisture loss and maintains the skin's natural balance. If you have problems with your skin, remember that night is the perfect time to use moisturizing masks.
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