How to renew the skin after the winter? The procedure in 4 steps.

After the winter skin is in bad shape. There is a lot of reasons for it: winter diet richer in fat and lower in vitamins,  the time you spend mostly in the warmth of the house, air conditioning. It's no wonder that the skin is not oxygenated, devoid of firmness and seems older. To refresh the skin, I suggest the procedure in four steps.

Step one - cleansing.
Start by removing makeup from the eyes and mouth, and then the rest of your face, till to the chin and neck. Gentle stroke the skin and massage it. Remember to not rub and stretch. Best used cosmetic wipes wetted preparation to wash and change them until the last will be completely clean.
The recommended product: Double Phase Makeup Remover.

Step two - peeling.
Exfoliation of dead skin cells improves skin color for two reasons. First, we get rid of the dead layer of the epidermis, which usually has a grayish color. Secondly, massage when applying the product stimulates blood circulation in the skin and it becomes more beautiful color. Mechanical peels used for skin thicker: oily or mixed - the outer layer of the epidermis is removed, thanks to particles contained in the preparation.
The recommended product: Olive Oil Salt Scrub.
The enzymatic peeling is more appropriate to dry skin. Plant enzymes, included in its composition, dissolve dead skin without the need of friction.
The recommended product: Exfoliating Peeling Mask.

Step three - tonic or mask.
Tonic or mask is best used after peeling, because cleansed skin absorb more nutrients.
The recommended products: Aloe Vera Freshener, Relaxing Beauty Mask.

Step fourth - cream or serum.
After the winter choose products with vitamin C that brightens the skin, protects it from free radicals, strengthens blood vessels and stimulates collagen production. Excellent effects also give: vitamin A (revitalizes, smoothes the skin, lightens pigmentation), vitamin D (smoothes the skin surface, regulates the function of melanocytes).
The recommended products: Restorative Eye Cream, Eye and Neck Cream, Moisturizing Day Cream.
It is also worth to try intensely active serum with vitamin C and minerals. Preparations types serum often contain illuminating pigments, i.e. invisible to the naked eye the particles, which scatter the light, so the skin appears smoother and wrinkles - shallower.
The recommended products: Eye Lifting Serum, Face Serum.

This procedure is well to repeat in a week. I wish you beauty. ;)

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