Cosmetic for the summer?
Shea butter.

Surely you've heard about Shea Butter. It has been long used in cosmetics. It is prepared from peanut butter tree growing in Africa.
What good shea do for your skin?
• It regenerates and nourishes the skin, softens and smoothes, improves elasticity, firmness and elasticity of the skin, prevents water loss from the skin, thus protecting the skin from drying out.
• It has vitamins A and E, which rejuvenate and protect the skin from free radicals.
• It protects against external factors such as wind, low temperatures, and UV radiation (contains natural filter).
• It supports regeneration of the skin, soothes irritations, inflammation and redness of the skin, for example acts as a dressing on irritated skin sun.
• It mitigates the effects of allergy, it works anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
It can be used as:
• Body lotion. It has a moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle properties. It contains precious avocado oil and vitamin E. The end result is younger looking skin.
• Face cream. It can serve as a natural sunscreen, it is an alternative for those who fear the chemicals used in the popular sunscreens.
• Eye cream. It successfully replaced specialized cosmetic preparations.
• Lip balm. Melted butter mixed with a sheer sugar will replace exclusive peels to mouth. Such mix massaged into the skin of the lips incredibly nourish it.
• Remedy for acne. It works like ointment with Vitamin A. Acne disappear much faster, and the skin is healthy color.
• Mask, conditioner or serum on the hair tips. It protects hair and smoothes them (for exampe after coloring or straightening).
Shea butter can also be used to create your own homemade cosmetics.
Recipe for homemade lip balm and hand based on shea butter:
2 tablespoons butter shea,
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil,
5 drops of orange essential oil.
Butter should be dissolved in a water bath and mix with the sweet almond oil. When it has cooled, add essential oil, stir, pour into a clean jar and leave to concentration. Of course, instead of orange oil you can add each other - one that you like. Simple, right?

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