The Secret of Retinol (Vitamin A).

retinol and vitamin a

The Vitamin of Youth
Vitamin A is one of the first open-vitamins, hence its designation as the first letter of the alphabet. Vitamin A belongs to the vitamins of youth, its stimulating effect reduces the changes that occur along with the aging process.
Our body produces vitamin A itself, but with age and exposure to UV radiation, this process weakens. In the result the outer layer of skin becomes thinner and its ability to store water decreases. Connective tissue fibers lose elasticity. The skin becomes dry, over time, the first wrinkles appear. Vitamin A used in cosmetics acts in various forms, such as Retinol, Retinoid, Retinal, retinol Esters or Beta-carotene. Retinol is vitamin A in its purest form.
Retinol primarily stimulates the growth of new cells. Due to this, wrinkles are fill from within, and they are less visible. It should be noted that this is a long process. The effect of the creams with retinol in its anti wrinkles action appear after several months of use, but the first changes, such as skin renewal and brightness can be seen in a few days.
This is another advantage of retinol, the lightening properties. Works on skin pigmentation appearing under the influence of the sun or hormones. Retinol speeds up the exfoliation of the skin, and affects the melanocytes, i.e. the cells that produce brown pigment of the skin. It causes a decrease in the size of melanocytes and a decrease in the number of melanin - the skin pigment that is produced in excess, leads to the formation of unwanted pigmentation. (If you have serious problems with hyperpigmentation of the skin, please check out our special line of cosmetics: 24/7 Organix Cosmetix).

Olive oil  - Treasure of Mediterranean
Natural sources of vitamin A are: cod liver oil, liver and organ meat, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin. One of the sources of vitamin A used in natural cosmetics is olive oil. The olive tree is mainly cultivated in Mediterranean countries, especially in Spain, Italy and Greece. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the pressed fruit of the olive tree without any further treatment other than mechanical filtration. Down through the centuries, the Greeks have used olive oil for its therapeutic and cosmetics properties. Olive oil is a natural source of vitamin A and E, which act against for aging skin and improve skin texture. Its high concentration of Retinol helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and helps fight dryness and acne. It nourishes the skin and helps its regeneration.

Organix Cosmetix
Retinol is present in all cosmetics of the brand Organix Cosmetix, which in their composition contain olive oil. These are creams, butters and masks. They carry the tag "with Retinol": full set of cosmetics with Retinol.


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