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Spring Workouts for Women: App for Exercises.

Good cosmetics are not everything. To maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance, our body needs the right amount of movement. Sport has a beneficial impact not only on our figure but also on the appearance of the skin. This is because physical activity improves blood circulation (blood transports nutrients and...

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How to renew the skin after the winter? The procedure in 4 steps.

After the winter skin is in bad shape. There is a lot of reasons for it: winter diet richer in fat and lower in vitamins,  the time you spend mostly in the warmth of the house, air conditioning. It's no wonder that the skin is not oxygenated, devoid of firmness...

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In 2017 be good to yourself.

Ever since last year in the pages of the portal, Alicia Keys published her famous "manifesto": "Time to Uncover", which encourages women to stop hiding themselves under makeup, on Instagram began to appear photos of women without makeup. Celebrities have joined to the trend, and the number of photographs...

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How to get rid of dark spots and lighten the skin?

Freckles give a woman glamour, but if on our face appear dark spots, it's not so funny. The blame for the darker or lighter skin spots carries the pigment located in the skin: melanin. The more it is, the skin has a darker hue. This pigment protects the skin from...

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The Secret of Retinol (Vitamin A).

The Vitamin of Youth Vitamin A is one of the first open-vitamins, hence its designation as the first letter of the alphabet. Vitamin A belongs to the vitamins of youth, its stimulating effect reduces the changes that occur along with the aging process.Our body produces vitamin A itself, but with...

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Organic cosmetics from Europe

We offer organic cosmetics for natural skin care and makeup,
like creams, masks, salts, serums.

Our beauty products are certified by Ecocert,
which means they contain only natural, high quality ingredients
from organic farming.

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