Time for peeling.

Autumn is a good time for skin regeneration. Due to the smaller amount of sun in the open air, we can use different types of peels without worrying about skin damage from the sun.
Our skin works hard all year round. Constantly producing cells that move up and produce substances which bind water or seal lipid cover. When her task was done gradually die, exfoliate and are replaced by new ones. In this way, the skin is restored. The whole cycle lasts about 28 days but with age, due to slowing metabolism, living in constant stress and polluted environment, more and more increasing. The skin becomes dull, rough, tired, and ages faster. Fortunately, the peeling removed impurities and dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis. Also opens the mouth of the sebaceous glands, therefore preventing the appearance of acne. Purified skin is ready to make balms and creams, in which components absorb much better.
Peeling step by step: The skin of the face and neck, rinse the gel with water or wipe with a cotton swab moistened with milk. Apply the scrub, avoiding the eye area and lips. In mechanical exfoliation, gently massage your skin in circular movements (taking care that it is not much stretch). The massage should last a few minutes. If you used an enzymatic peel, keep it on the face until, as recommended by the manufacturer, and then rinse with water. In the end, wipe the skin with a mild toner and apply cream.
For exfoliation, we recommend:

The organic Peeling Mask gently refreshes the skin while removing worn-out cells. A light, delicate peeling mask containing granular apricot stones, combined with the Swiss alpine plants: Imperatoria, Artemisia and Marrubium - all certified by Bio Suisse (CH) and ECOCERT® and their efficacy for facial skin was scenically proved.


The Scrub grains remove dead and worn-out cells, giving your skin a smooth look and velvet-like texture. The essential oils inspire a long-lasting sense of ease and relaxation.

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