Organic Skin Care

Healthy skin is alive with vibrating energy. It's radiant, smooth, supple, elastic, and moist. It also has a slight flush to it from optimal blood circulation. This kind of skin shows that lymph fluid is removing toxins and boosting immunity. Stress is under control, antioxidants are preventing free radical damage, and hormones are balanced. The oil and sweat glands are bathing the skin with just the right amount of natural oil and moisture, which in turn maintains the skin's natural acid mantle. All the while, the skin is experiencing a constant state of renewal, turning over and shedding over a million skin cells an hour in a sort of healthful internal dance. Every cell in your body communicates and works harmoniously. This is synergy in motion.

While this wonderful balance is indeed how your skin wants to react, you can damage this balance by putting your skin in harm's way. However, you can minimize damage by examining everything you do, which is sometimes easier said than done, since many people don't even realize that their routine activities damage their skin. The perfectly natural, organic ways to create beautiful skin are to manage stress, eat healthfully, stay hydrated, get a good balance of physical activity and rest, practice sun protection, and avoid smoking. And naturally, follow a healthful skin-care regimen with pure products, where you always use only the gentlest manipulation of the skin. Rough tugging, rubbing, or abrasive handling with your fingers, hands, towels, tissues or machines can mechanically damage your skin.

When we're young, our body is programmed to maintain clear, smooth, soft skin, and we have to really ignore our skin or take it for granted to derail this program. As we age, however, our skin begins to work less efficiently, thinning out, losing elasticity, and sagging. Exposure to stress--environmental, physical, mental--only exacerbates this natural aging process. And mind you, when I talk about aging skin I don't mean 50- or 60-year-old skin. These changes can begin at a much younger age if your skin does not receive proper care.

Proper care does not have to mean using lots of expensive and/or complicated products. What I'm referring to is organic skin care, a logical and relatively simple approach that holistically nurtures your skin's natural ability to maintain good health. It's about both those therapies that treat our skin from the inside out and from the outside in

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