Organic makeup - for whom?

For many years to washing of eye makeup I used standard micellar fluid. But I decided to switch to a two-phase fluids, hoping that better cope with mascara and it doesn't irritate the eyes.I tested a lot of them and because of the lack of effect on what I was hoping I was going to get back into micelles. I read on some blog about organic cosmetics and finally I found. I have tested duo-phase makeup remover from It washes very well, no need to rub and make the effort, it doesn't irritate the eyes and has good ingredients.

Ana B.,

The basic benefit of organic makeup is that it does not contain pesticides and preservatives. Organic makeup and makeup removers are plant-based.  For example plant oils, shea and cocoa butters are very good moisturizers and can be gentler on your skin, therefore it's often reccomended for people who have very sensitive skin or have negative reactions to regular cosmetics. If you decide to organic makeup, the key is to purchase cosmetic with the "Certified Organic" label. This indicates that at least 95 percent of the product's ingredients come from natural sources.


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