How to stop skin aging?

If you see signs of aging of your skin, cosmetics that you have used so far, you should replace on cosmetics “for the mature skin”. The term "mature skin" is not closely associated with age. The onset of skin aging depends on many factors, and therefore this condition can concern to younger and older people. Mature skin needs different cosmetics, whose main task is to stop the destructive processes taking place in the cells. Anti-wrinkle creams include thickening agents skin structure and provide adequate hydration deeper layers of the epidermis. Multifunctional peptides contained in anti-wrinkle creams are extremely effective method of retarding aging of the skin. These are proteins that (because of small size) can penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis, where it effectively stimulate collagen building, seal the intercellular spaces and protects the skin against loss of water. The tiny molecules of peptides penetrate deeply and stimulate the production of fibers responsible for the tension and smoothness of the skin.
Chains containing a balanced quantity fat and water are called lipopeptides - they penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, renewing the structure of elastin and collagen. Action of lipopeptides brings visible results in reducing wrinkles because of hydration of the deeper layers epidermis and increase the resilience of the skin.
Our products include a lipopeptide called Survicode. This is a type of protein, which protects epidermal stem cells, eliminate the signs of aging and reduce medium and deep wrinkles. With its capacity to regulate the expression of genes implicated in aging, Survicode extends cell life. Survicode is contained in our series of anti-wrinkle creams >>>.
The peptides you can find in creams, as well in the preparations of the type of serum. Remember that the serum has a stronger effect than the cream. We use the serum when skin needs an immediate boost. If we use the serum as a cure, then we use it every day, eg. for a week. Prophylactically we use the serum once a week. Serum rarely contains a UV filter therefore it is usually applied under the cream or for a night.

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